Join the Bland DNA Project
Blands (including variant spellings such as, Blan, Blann, Blande, etc.) worldwide are encouraged to participate in the DNA Project.  However, because females do not have the necessary Y-chromosome, they can only participate through a male blood Bland relative such as a father, grandfather, brother, uncle, or male cousin). If given a choice, it is best to test the oldest living blood-related Bland male in your immediate family. These results contain fewer mutations than each succeeding generation.

The DNA Project may help answer many questions

  • How many different male ancestors are associated with the Bland surname?

  • How are your Bland ancestors related to other families with the Bland surname?

  • How are the various Bland family lines related?

  • Are all Bland families from an ancestral country related or are there many unrelated families with the name Bland within that country?

  • If related, how are Blands from America related to Blands worldwide?

  • Which Bland researchers should be collaborating because they share a common ancestor?

If your Bland research has hit a “stone wall,” DNA analysis could be the breakthrough for which you have been looking to push your Bland genealogical research back generations -- by finding connections to other Bland Family Lines.  If you have a gap in your research, DNA analysis may identify other researchers of the same line, researchers who might have the information you need to connect your line.  This aspect alone, can save you significant time by avoiding searches for connections that don't exist.

To Join the Project:

Contact Terese Bueker. The "DNA Test Kit" will then be mailed directly to you from Family Tree DNA. There are several marker tests to choose from. However, it is recommended that you get the most markers tested as you can afford for the most accurate results. The minimum marker test should be at least 37 markers.

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