February 29, 1924 – July 1, 2004

A favorite cousin and dedicated worker for the memory of the Bland Family was killed in a traffic accident in England. He was born at Salisbury North Carolina. Bill belonged to the Bland family from Chatham County, earlier Duplin County North Carolina, descended through John Bland (C1754-1827) (25A6A). Bill worked on the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge Tennessee in World War II. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1945 from North Carolina State University, and a Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University of Richmond Virginia in 1956. He worked as a research scientist at Allied Chemical and retired in 1974. He remained active in his work however, and his wife wrote me that “Bill loved his work and gave much to civilization in the way of new products for animal feed, plant food and general improvements for every facet of living.”  Bill and his wife Vera Moore were active, indeed instrumental,  in cooperation with Bland Heritage Foundation, for the on-going  maintenance  and upkeep of the Bland Family Cemetery at Jordan’s Point Virginia, significant as the burial place for Richard Bland the patriot politician (1710-1776) and mentor of Thomas Jefferson. Our efforts were finally consummated October 23, 2005 in a formal ceremony in which the grave site was formally dedicated with provision for perpetual care, (See discussion, AC 24-26, pp. 4-8).

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