REUNION    Barbara Bland, Chair

The Reunion Committee is our oldest committee.  2000’s reunion was the first reunion that was handled by this committee.  It is a very important and labor intensive group.  We thank them each year for another successful reunion be it large or small. Recently we have begun giving workshops.  Contact Linda for suggestions, ideas, and potential locations.

Jo Shannon:  Webmaster            

The Webmaster is looking for Content Contributors.  You do not have to be a member of the Bland Heritage Foundation Board of Directors or attend all Bland National Family Reunions to work on the WEBSITE COMMITTEE.  Our goal is to have a location on the internet that is THE source of accurate, proven information that we Blan, Blann, Bland descendants can find accurate information.  It will be a meeting place for Blands from all over the world.  Contact Jo Bland Shannon for more information.

Chairperson:    Terese Bland Bueker
Family Line Advisor:  Charles L. Bland

The DNA COMMITTEE has been working for years now.  We have had many surprises and many have been able to prove their family line connection.  Terese Bueker and Charles L. Bland have teamed together to solve Bland mysteries.  One dear man came to reunion each year hoping to find his family line.  His son and DNA have solved that mystery.  Another family whose oldest know ancestor was classified by the 1850 census taker as mullato  have been able to find their family line.  Some thought they were from one family in their community and found they were from another.  A case of too many John Bland’s in the county. Contact Terese Bland Bueker for more information.

Chairperson:  Charles L. Bland, Historian

For the last few years we have assisted financially with the maintinance of the Richard Bland Cemetery in Hopewell, Virginia.  The maintenance is now stable and under the care of the Elizabeth Bland Randolph Daughters of the American Revolution with the assistance of Richard Bland College.  Vera Moore and her now deceased husband spearheaded this project. They have worked both financially and physically for many years. The DAR and Vera successfully saved the site from eradication when a home developer purchased the surrounding land.  Richard Bland a patriot of the Revolutionary Period should be remembered with honor.  The DAR and Vera Moore have achieved this.  The Bland Heritage Foundation is proud to have assisted in the achievement of this goal.

Now The Bland Heritage Foundation is looking for a new project.  It must be a site that has historical significance and is connected with our Bland ancestors.  Contact Charles L. Bland to apply for consideration of your historic site.

GET INVOLVED WITH ONE OF THE COMMITTEES:  To all who have served, thank you. To all who would like to serve, come to the next reunion and get acquainted with us.  If you cannot come to the reunion but would like to be involved, contact us.  All of us are cousins, just some closer than others.  We want to include all Bland cousins. Contact the chairperson if your are interested.  The annually appointed  positions named above are not positions that must be from the Board membership.  Your interest is welcome.   


October 11-14, 2018
Isle of Palms, Charleston, S.C.

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